Welcome to Holy Cross Convent School

Holy Cross Convent School is a Catholic institution managed by the Kerala Holy cross sisters Society. It is a laudable land mark in the history of Vettilappara. The school was established in 1995 with the objective of providing public school education in line with the central syllabus to the children of Vettilappara.

We provide a challenging instructional programme that focuses on the diverse needs of students . We have strict disciplinary Strategies. The school is characterized by a safe, orderly and attractive campus , a rigorous academic core curriculum , a wide range of extra curricular activities, a dedicated and competent professional staff , a supportive and involved parent community and an energetic , enthusiastic and highly capable student body . The ultimate goal of the school programme is the integral personality development of the students. While giving an international out look we base our training on Indian culture. We believe deeply on the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of all men.


The institution helps the children to :
Grow in self awareness , Have positive concept of oneself , Develop an understanding of other people , Develop skills consistent with ones personal integrity and demands of future.


The mission of this school is to transform the lives of young children , thus helping to transform the future communities and enhance a wide life – vision , leading to the concept of universal brotherhood.

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